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We are the premier vehicle wrapping company in Greater Manchester. Contact us today. We have wrapped hundreds of vehicles from fleet vans and cabs to domestic vehicles. Let the specialists at Titan Wraps transform your vehicle today. Call now on 01706 411 235. . . Read More


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  • You should have more stars ***** :)

    Helen-Bet Fred
  • On time and on point!

    Tom-Ramsey Transport
  • Very nice and presentable guys

  • Fantastic work guys!

  • Simply the best I've ever seen!

  • Always professional.!!

    Sharon-Millers Retail
  • Fantastic work, always professional!

    Greame-GRS Signs
  • 100 full wraps in 4 weeks!!!



Vehicle wrapping has many benefits, here are just a few!
  • Protects Paintwork

    Using our high quality vinyl wraps the paintwork is protected against everyday wear and tear. When the vinyl is removed the vehicle is like . . . Read More

  • Change Colour

    You can completely transform the look of a vehicle not just by using full colour images but by choosing one colour. For example, your red ca. . . Read More

  • Great For Marketing

    Getting people to notice your business/brand has never been easier and this is a fantastic way to do it.. . . Read More

  • Protects Paintwork

    Every covered inch of your Vehicle that is covered invinyl is protecting your factory paintwork from all natural hazards and weathering.This. . . Read More

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